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this is 9 news now. we begin with breaking news from prince georges county. divers just recovered a body found floating in the anacostia river near the bladensburg marina. investigators will only tell us that the body is that of a man in his 20s. a maintenance worker found the body just before 10:00 this
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morning and called police. right now, the medical examiner is performing an autopsy to determine exactly how the man died. at least 400 people are dead and thousands more injured after a powerful earthquake shook western china. it is believed that thousands of residents are still trapped in their homes from the rubble, and we get the latest now from charlie d'agata. >> reporter: chinese rescue teams pulled a boy from the rubble of a collapsed school and raced to save his life. searchers for survivors are just beginning after a series of powerful earthquakes turned mountain villages in to scenes of utter devastation. hundreds of people have been killed and more than 10,000 injured, a number that is expected to rise. homes made of mud and wood in a remote region close to tibet buckled and gave way trapping victims beneath. some buried inside of schools
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and tens of thousands are left without electricity or water. >> reporter: the largest quake shanghai proggins in southwest china. it is 12,000 feet above sea level and hundreds of miles from any major city. earthquake forecasters warn more after shocks are likely and people should stay away from buildings in the coming days. china mobilized an army of rescue teams hauling supplies and sacks of rice on to trucks. search teams with sniffer dogs boarded trucks to the mountainous region but it is hard toquet the equipment through the rugged terrain. the temperatures plunged below freezing overnight. all homeless survivors can do is huddle together for warmth and wait for help. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. the fbi is getting involved investigating prince georges county police. it all concerns their actions last month in college park.
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you have probably seen the video. a 21-year-old university of maryland student was beaten by several officers, and he was unarmed. this happened after a maryland basketball win over duke. at least one officer has been suspended and two others are being investigated. an attorney for jack mckenna say the young man should have acted differently when dealing with officers. >> i think that he did not appreciate the situation fully, and that was pretty obvious from his behavior. he's skipping down the street. he's happy and he's met there at the -- at a line of police officers. and whether that was a bad decision or not, the fact remains it didn't justify what the police officers did. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson says he's shocked by the video. and he adds actions like this will not be tolerated. parents of a 14year -old
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maryland boy beaten to death last year are suing anne arundel county schools. christopher david jones was killed by two other teenagers while he was biking near his home in crofton. the parents are suing the school, the parents of the two teen killers and parents of children who allegedly egged on the beating. in all the lawsuit is seeking 1 a million dollars. the nuclear security summit has come to a close. president obama is declaring that the summit was a success. he says leaders from 47 nations agreed to secure all nuclear weapons in the next four years. it's the biggest agreement to come out of the summit, which includes promises from various nations. the president now hopes that those promises will be kept. >> this is an ambitious goal, and we are under no illusions that it will be easy but the
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urgency of the threat and the catastrophic consequences demand an effort that is at once bold and pragmatic and this is a goal that can be achieved. >> reporter: iran's president says that he wants better relations with the united states. he adds that iran is ready to cooperate with the u.s. and is not looking for a confrontation. dc council chair and mayoral candidate vincent gray is facing a $300 fine every day. the fine will start on tuesday. it stems from a building code violation. gray allegedly failed to file a permit for a six-foot high fence that he built around his house two years ago. a spokesperson for him says the necessary paperwork has been submitted. more trouble for toyota. this time it is the lexus suv, the gx-460. tara mergener reports that this time the company is taking quick action in order to fix
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the problem. >> reporter: toyota moved very quickly this time. this after the auto giant was harshly criticized for not moving fast enough on accelerator problems. now the company has stopped selling its high-end suv just hours after a consumer report's warning. >> the last time that we advised the consumers didn't buy a car because of a safety risk was in 2001. so we don't do this very often. >> reporter: the issue is handling. consumer reports found during emergency handling tests the gx- 460's rear end swings out wide but the stability control system took too long to bring the suv under control. four testers experienced the same problem. >> if this happened in a real road situation on public roads the rear tire could hit the curb or slide off the pavement and this could lead to a rollover. >> reporter: toyota says about 6,000 of the 2010 model gx-460s
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have been sold and the engineers are vigorously testing the vehicle. we are taking the situation with the gx-460 very seriously lexus said in a statement and are determined to identify and correct the issue. this is the latest safety issue to strike toyota, which was forced to recall millions of cars and trucks over faulty gas pedals. accused of reacting too slowly to that, toyota faces a $60 million fine from the transportation department. and consumer reports says it's not aware of any reports that the vehicle has rolled over, but the warning label remains until the issue is resolved. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. the west virginia governor is asking for the same investigator who handled the sago mine disaster to look at last week's deadly mine explosion. jay david mcateer is the former head of the u.s. mine and
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safety administration. so he will head up the investigation. federal officials say upper big branch should have received a warning letter in october about a potential pattern of safety violations, but a computer program failed to include eight citations at the mine. coming up next on 9 news now at noon, a good samaritan is nearly killed after she stopped to help a man in the middle of the street, and it was all caught on tape. >> she sort of stopped and pulled back and said, oprah doesn't see art. not happening for oprah. >> doesn't sound like america's talk show queen. a new biography paint answer unflattering picture of oprah including a diva-like episode that occurred here in the district. we'll be right back.
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a dc police officer is fine after a carjacking, but his service weapon is in the hands of criminals. this happened on monday night in east baltimore. the unidentified officer says a woman stepped in front of his car to get him to stop. and that's when a man pulled a gun and forced the officer out of the car. an 18-year-old woman has been arrested. the male suspect is still on the run. the officer's car was recovered but his service weapon is
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missing. a carjacking in california has been caught on tape. adrienne braxton got out of her car to help a man who was in the street near los angeles. that's when a thief took off with braxton's car. braxton suffered three broken ribs and a sprained ankle trying to stop the robbery. we'd like for you to look at this video from tulsa, oklahoma. a burglar broke in to a pharmacy and brought a ladder. he hears sirens and tries to climb his way out through the ceiling and he falls. so he moves over and he tries again. this happened six times. finally on the seventh try he got out. police are searching for this black and blue burglar. coming up next, howard and our forecast. what started out as a foggy morning is turning in to a sunny afternoon. it is a little cool but that will change. the allergy update, you know
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an explosive new book is out and it paints an unflattering portrait of one of the world's most admired women, oprah winfrey. the unauthorized biography, written by local author kitty kelley alleges that oprah grossly exaggerated her childhood poverty, has lesbian crushes and so-called diva moments, including one at a georgetown antiques and fine arts gallery. andrea mccarren has more. >> reporter: if these busts could talk, what might they say about oprah's visit to georgetown's l'enfant gallery. >> i was dumfounded. >> reporter: he owner says this queen of talk had an appointment here five years ago. in advance of her visit he paid $100,000 for three paintings, just for her to see. >> she sort of stopped and pulled back and said, oprah doesn't feel it. it's not happening for oprah.
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>> reporter: he urged her to see the display. >> she said where have are they and i said upstairs in the room. and she pulled back and said oprah doesn't do stairs. >> reporter: oprah left never to return. the book hit number one on amazon quickly. it includes a relationship with john tesh who allegedly broke things off because he couldn't deal with an interracial relationship. and kelley alleges she keeps steadman around so her audience will perceive her to be like them and according to the book she lavishes gifts on women, including a toe ring for diane sawyer. >> right now i'm so enthralled with the book on oprah. i don't seem to concentrate on anything else. >> reporter: kitty kelley spoke to 9 news. >> she's not a movie star or rock star or a first lady. she is really a talk show host.
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>> reporter: a talk show host who's had a major impact on popular culture, but this is one inevitable best seller that won't be included in oprah's book club. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> kelley interviewed 850 sources for her book. in an interesting twist, several big name talk show hosts have refused to have kelley on their show for fear of a backlash from oprah. right now people are evacuating parts of iceland. a volcano which has been acting up for weeks looks like it may erupt again. this video is from last month when the volcano erupted for the first time in 200 years. this is the time of the year when just about everyone is doing some spring cleaning. and the fee by hurst elementary school wants to help.
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on saturday take unwanted electronics, audio cassettes, cell phones and other devices to the school to have them recycled. it starts at 9:00 a.m. and will last until noon. the school address is right there on the screen. 3950 37th street northwest. that's such a good thing to do because a lot of computers, they have elements like gold that can be recovered and reused again opposed to ending up in a land fill. >> how are you doing. >> i'm great. it is wonderful outside. little cool and then changes the end of the week. looks good out there and hope you are having a great wednesday, as well. get you going with the forecast. we had fog and now sunny skies in a lot of areas. a few clouds to the south and southwest. it will be cool today, average high 66. we will make 62, maybe 65 in the southern and western suburbs but tomorrow and friday is when we will feel better. temperatures making it in to
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the mid-70s with a chance of showers, though, later on friday ahead of the cold front. cool this afternoon. 60 to 65. winds from the southeast five to ten. if you are on the bay, western shore of the bay, the water coming in or the wind off the water you may hold only in the mid-50s. mainly clear and chilly tonight. in the 40s with light wind. could see upper 30sin a few spots. sunset 7:44. and then for tomorrow, sunny and warmer. delightful day. high temperatures in the middle 70s. winds turning to the southwest five to ten miles an hour. we had the clouds around this morning. you can see how the fog took a while to burn off. now the thicker clouds are across central and southern virginia. south of 64 for the most part down in to north carolina and we are left with a nice afternoon, although a little on the cool side. however, frederick managed to get to 61. hagerstown close to freezing this morning 50.
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same with martinsburg. the fog was real thick up there. leesburg and gaithersburg 54. 56 fredericksburg. a lot of mid-50s out there and thankfully the fog dissipated. i don't have on the 53. ft. belvoir 56 and rockville 56 degrees. with sunshine and a few clouds, 56. although a lot of sun out on the weather terrace in northwest. a calm wind and the dew point is at 40 degrees. so the air is kind of dry. nationally we have the showers yesterday. those pushed through the carolinas this morning. it is this feature that we will watch. you see the showers feeding in to at this time. the storm wrapped up here in northeastern montana. dropped a couple of feet of snow yesterday and as it moves east it will push a front to us. we will see another change by the end of the week in to the weekend. right now high pressure up toward new york. bringing us southeasterly wind but south of the front is where
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the temperatures are milder and we will see that. our winds will turn southwest. we will tap the milder air in to thursday and friday. really not much on the weather map to talk about here. fairly quiet. as we get in to late thursday and friday, here comes the front. friday 4:00 a.m. as we move to 11:00, 12:00 you will see showers and thunder developing from north of indianapolis, new york state and new england. this will march toward us. we are even seeing a couple of showers midday here on friday in our northern suburbs. that's going to brick a change of cooler weather to the weekend. the seven-day forecast, low 60s today. one or two spots may get to 65. most of us in the low 60s at best. 74, a great day tomorrow after a chilly start. 75 on friday with afternoon and evening showers and a cooler weekend, maybe not even 60 on sunday and nice on monday and tuesday. we are going to the kitchen. we will join you when 9 news
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now at noon returns. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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to if you like italian food, there's something new in georgetown. i want to tell you about it. steps away from the c&o canal, i'm talking about a restaurant with fabulous food. today i have two chefs with me. i have carlo, the executive chef and with him is another executive chef. what are you going to fix. >> today we will do a mediterranean sea bass. we will use a special technique which will basically folding the fish inside the parchment paper and we will bake it for 14 minutes at 375. >> show me how you do it. >> let's start it.
12:27 pm
what is that? >> those are sauteed zucchini in olive oil and salt and pepper. very easy. >> good fresh sea bass. >> absolutely. >> where do you get your sea bass. >> right next to the restaurant. there is a fresh market. >> very nice place. >> and they have fresh fish. >> what is he putting on it. >> sauteed bell peppers, red, yellow and some caramelized onions. the next ingredient is black olives and some grape tomatoes. >> wonderful. >> little bit of salt and pepper. not too much. some fresh beautiful thyme here. >> by the way, this recipe is on our website at so you can make it at home. it's real simple. >> yes, it is.
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>> what's that? >> white wine. >> oh. >> wouldn't by tallian if we didn't have white wine. >> this is the technique of folding it. watch closely. >> you have a great day and we will see you tomorrow. >> come back at 5:00. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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